If you’re using WordPress, the default themes have “Proudly powered by WordPress” in the footer. That’s cool, but it looks unprofessional if you’re using your site for business. Here’s how to remove that from your WordPress site’s footer.

The “Powered by WordPress” link that appears by default

Steps to Remove the Powered by WordPress Link

  1. Log into your WordPress Admin area
  2. In the menu on the left, go to Appearance > Themes
  3. If Theme Editor is in that menu, go there (if it’s missing, see the note at the end)
  4. If WordPress warns you that editing themes is dangerous, click “I Understand
  5. Once you’re on the Edit Themes page, select your current theme using the dropdown (e.g. TwentyTwenty-One)
  6. Make sure you’re editing style.css (you can choose the file to edit on the right)
  7. Using the scrollbar, scroll to the bottom of the file, and add some blank lines at the end to help ensure nothing breaks
  8. Copy and paste this code into the file,
	display: none !important;

Ensure the file is saved properly (newer WordPress version will save the file automatically).

Now, go to your site’s main page, and reload the page, using either Control+Shift+R, or on Mac, Cmd+Shift+R / Cmd+Option+R (try both).


If Theme Editor didn’t appear in the Appearance > Themes menu, it means WordPress is configured to disallow edits to themes and plugins through the admin interface.

Technical Details

This “Proudly powered by WordPress” link is inserted by the default WordPress themes: TwentyTwentyOne, TwentyTwenty and so on. Over the last several years the way the link’s inserted has changed – so

.powered-by  { display: none !important; }

… is enough to hide the Powered By link when using the TwentyTwentyOne theme. The longer piece of code above handles all years back to (including) 2013. It works by instructing the browser not to display the link using the CSS display property.

If for some reason you only need to hide a specific theme’s link, here are recent years and code to hide the powered-by link:

Theme yearCode to hide the link
2021.powered-by { display: none !important; }
2020.powered-by-wordpress { display: none !important; }
2019, 2017, 2016.imprint { display: none !important; }
2015a[href="https://wordpress.org/"] { display: none !important; }
2014, 2013a[href="http://wordpress.org/"] { display: none !important; }